Liverpool 1 - Arsenal 2

Arsenal came from behind and managed to successfully deliver the inaugural defeat to Liverpool at Anfield this season. Robin van Persie is a hero with two goals is the creation of a night-stack collection tally to 25..

Manchester United 2 - Liverpool 1

Manchester United managed to win a hot duel with Liverpool at Old Trafford and sit at the top at least for 24 hours. Tensions are heating up the game since the beginning of the game after Luis Suarez refused to shake hands with Patrice Evra racism following the incident involving the two ended with a penalty eight games for Suarez.

Chelsea 1 - Liverpool 2

Glen Johnson scored in the closing minutes of the game put Liverpool 2-1 win over Chelsea at Stamford Bridge.

Everton 0 - Liverpool 2

Two goals scored by Andy Carroll and Luis Suarez in the second half put Liverpool ahead on 10 man Everton.

Liverpool 3 - Newcastle United 1

Liverpool managed to end the "The Curse of Anfield" and won their last match in 2011 was over Newcastle United. This victory grew sweeter with the return of their captain, Steven Gerrard, in the scoreboard. While Craig Bellamy became a hero with two goals against his former club is.

Monday, August 29, 2011

Arsenal vs Liverpool Pics And Video (Aug-20-2011)

Liverpool finally broke the record was never winning at the Emirates Stadium.
It took 11 years for Liverpool can win at home to Arsenal last time they excel at home to the Gunners at Highbury stadium was named.
The Reds direct hit since the game started and threaten Arsenal, their best chance was when Wojciech Szczesny header from Andy Carroll could dispel. Three minutes later Jordan Szczesny Henderson failed to threaten the goal with a header, while utilizing a pass from Dirk Kuyt.
Charlie Adam also had threatened the Arsenal goalkeeper, but his shot was bounced over the crossbar. Arsenal also rather not have a chance, Frimpong had fired a shot toward the goal, but still saved by Pepe Reina, Samir Nasri also failed to score thereafter.
In the second half, Liverpool hit back in the early minutes through Martin Kelly. Arsenal were responding, the new captain, Robin van Persie, kicks off weak when he was faced with Reina.

Liverpool vs Sunderland Pics And Video (Aug-13-2011)

Entertain Sunderland at Anfield, Liverpool drew 1-1 guests.
Liverpool immediately lowered four new players they bring, at the inaugural Premier League match this: Jordan Henderson, Charlie Adam, Stewart Downing, and Jose Enrique. Special Enrique, he had just brought in a few days from Newcastle yesterday. The decision to direct it down is a pretty brave decision.
Luis Suarez nearly scored in the fifth minute, when defender Sunderland made ​​a blunder. Uruguay attacker was immediately cut into the Liverpool defense, and after being in the penalty box and stand a chance with the goalkeeper Simon Mignolet, he suddenly dropped by Kieran Richardson.
The referee immediately pointed to the spot, and lucky for Richardson he just get a yellow card for pulling the shoulder Suarez. What is surprising, Suarez who took his own penalty kick failed to thrill Sunderland goal. Instead kick soared far above the crossbar Mignolet.

Suarez paid cash for his mistake in the 12th minute. Charlie Adam's free kick in front of the penalty box was immediately forwarded to the head, rolling the ball into the goal Mignolet. Liverpool were 1-0 up. The 20th minute Andy Carroll was actually more thrilling Sunderland goal, but the referee annulled a goal since he first considered in violation of Anton Ferdinand before scoring.

Liverpool vs Bolton plus Pic And Video (Aug-28-2011)

                                                                                                                                                      Liverpool continued their bright start to the season by hitting Bolton Wanderers 3-1 at Anfield last night.
Shown with the best squad they have today-still minus Steven Gerrard, who watched with his jacket on the sidelines, the Reds are able to dictate the game since the early minutes.