Liverpool 1 - Arsenal 2

Arsenal came from behind and managed to successfully deliver the inaugural defeat to Liverpool at Anfield this season. Robin van Persie is a hero with two goals is the creation of a night-stack collection tally to 25..

Manchester United 2 - Liverpool 1

Manchester United managed to win a hot duel with Liverpool at Old Trafford and sit at the top at least for 24 hours. Tensions are heating up the game since the beginning of the game after Luis Suarez refused to shake hands with Patrice Evra racism following the incident involving the two ended with a penalty eight games for Suarez.

Chelsea 1 - Liverpool 2

Glen Johnson scored in the closing minutes of the game put Liverpool 2-1 win over Chelsea at Stamford Bridge.

Everton 0 - Liverpool 2

Two goals scored by Andy Carroll and Luis Suarez in the second half put Liverpool ahead on 10 man Everton.

Liverpool 3 - Newcastle United 1

Liverpool managed to end the "The Curse of Anfield" and won their last match in 2011 was over Newcastle United. This victory grew sweeter with the return of their captain, Steven Gerrard, in the scoreboard. While Craig Bellamy became a hero with two goals against his former club is.

Monday, October 24, 2011

Liverpool VS Norwich City Pics And Video (Oct-22-2011)

Liverpool wasted a lot of opportunities and ultimately must be willing to share the points with Norwich City in a match last night.
Appear to attack since the beginning of the game, the Reds hit the crossbar directly Norwich in just 2 minutes first.
Followed by Luis Suarez miss the rare-rare-only a little bit on the side of the goal.
And Suarez again have to bite the finger after his attempt again failed. This time denied by the keeper and hit the crossbar.
That's pretty much the story for the first half. Liverpool continued to control the game. But the show was not perfect on the front lines.
Until at last in first half injury time, Craig Bellamy came and broke the deadlock.

Monday, October 17, 2011

Liverpool vs Manchester United Pics And Video (15-Oct-2011)

Javier Hernandez and David De Gea into rescue Manchester United from defeat next over Liverpool at Anfield last night.
The Reds had winning first comeback goal by the captain, Steven Gerrard. Before the end must be willing to share the points due to goal-Hernandez who came on as substitute. Sir Alex Ferguson surprisingly did not play Wayne Rooney and Javier Hernandez at the front lines since the first minute. And prefer to be alone in front of Danny Welbeck. Nani also start the match from the bench. While Phil Jones became one of United's midfield filler. While on the side of Liverpool, received a sweet surprise by the fans with the return of Steven Gerrard to the starting line-up after seven months away, and he could still show maximum capability.
In the first half, the match is not so exciting. Both teams seemed to play well in midfield, but very worth it in the front lines. Almost no chance of a dangerous net. The best chance of Luis Suarez earned around minute 34. His strike from a distance of 14 yards managed to fool Jonny Evans. But David De Gea, who performed brilliantly throughout the game, thwarting this opportunity. Yan quiet first half ended goalless opportunities.

Tuesday, October 4, 2011

Everton vs Liverpool Pics And Video

Two goals scored by Andy Carroll and Luis Suarez in the second half put Liverpool ahead on 10 man Everton.
  Liverpool managed to bring home three points, and this victory was more special because this victory is a victory for Kenny Dalglish's first at Goodison Park, since returning to coach the Reds.  Liverpool had the first chance to score, when feedback is given followed by Dirk Kuyt header Suarez. Unfortunately the ball can still be anticipated Everton goalkeeper Tim Howard.
  Everton react, through Tim Cahill who almost scored with his head.. But it seems spry Pepe Reina, the ball had brushed onto the crossbar.