Wednesday, September 26, 2012

(Video+Pics) Liverpool 1 Vs 2 Manchester United - The Full Colour Match

Manchester United managed to beat Liverpool at Anfield in a match full color overnight.
The first color that appears in the game this time is an emotional color. Warning Hillsborough tragedy which has just revealed so beautifully symbolized by the fans at Anfield. Mosaic reads JUSTICE and TRUTH continues to look for a full minute of the match. In fact, Patrice Evra and Luis Suarez shook hands before the match begins.

On the field, the colors remain very thick tough competition and immediately visible since the beginning. Liverpool's defense was forced to anticipate the attempted attack United-despite all ended in vain.
Then, Liverpool began to find their game pattern. Attack after attack was built by Raheem Sterling, Steven Gerrard, Jonjo Shelvey, Luis Suarez, and Fabio Borini. However, these opportunities successfully halted United's back line that rely on the duo Jonny Evans and Rio Ferdinand.

While on the other hand, United were very poor. Not a lot of balls that can flow perfectly when attacking. Nani continued to waste a ball or the wrong feed. Not much of a problem means that hit Pepe Reina.
And the next color that appears is the color controversy. Shelvey must be willing to receive a red card after a bad tackle two legs hit Evans, who was also seen trying to do a similar tackle. A bit harsh. And it changed everything.

Even so, the score goalless last until the first half ended.
In the second half, Liverpool started everything with a terrific explosion. Paul Scholes put United to replace Nani. And maiden contribution is deflecting the ball directly led to Steven Gerrard.

The Reds captain was also given the perfect excuse to Anfield cheered with a sweet goal through the goalkeeper Anders Lindegaard. Defense United? I do not know what they were doing at the time. 1-0.
Such a severe blow apparently takes United to rise. Once broken in, they immediately look to attack and with the presence of Scholes, variations in attack for the visitors looked the more dangerous.
And the equalizer goal that was dating too. Rafael proves that he is a native Brazil with a beautiful goal. Sweet shot through the goalkeeper Reina curved. 1-1

Furthermore, Liverpool tried to restore their lead. Despite playing with 10 players, the Reds look far from bad. They were still able to repeatedly make the United fans heart almost stopped.
However, the visitors continued their absurd trend this season: get a penalty. This time it was Antonio Valencia who dropped by Glen Johnson in the box again and again, a decision that could be debated.

This time, Robin van Persie did not waste it. Hard shot through the goal. Efforts dismissed Reina did not mean anything. An un-miss-able penalty. 2-1.

Throughout the remainder of the match, Liverpool continued to press and try to equalize. But Lindegaard performances under the crossbar and fortune are still very far from the team they must be willing to make the match with a painful defeat at home. And the 18th position in the standings.

A dark color to end the day for Liverpool. And color super bright for United who get their fifth win in a row in all competitions-and the first at Anfield since the year 2007.
Full Time. Liverpool 1. Manchester United 2.


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