Monday, April 9, 2012

Liverpool 1-1 Aston Villa

Liverpool won the match went on record not only able to reach them after a 1-1 draw with Aston Villa at Anfield last night.
However, Kenny Dalglish could still see the positive side of this product because Liverpool looks pretty good. And is actually quite feasible to get three points. 

When the game has been running 10 minutes, Anfield fell silent and almost a nightmare to get them so. Beautiful shot Chris Herd managed to penetrate the second wicket keeper Reds, Alexander Doni. 1-0.

And after that, almost no more chance of a significant Villa. Everything goes in one direction. Attack by Liverpool. 

Dirk Kuyt had made an incredible miss just before halftime. Being very close to the empty goal, he somehow managed to make a ball-float high. 

Story in the second half is still exactly the same. The host continued and continue to create opportunities for successful opportunities tempered by Shay Given, the line behind the visitors, and also the crossbar. 

Even Dalglish to play FOUR strikers they had to dismantle the defense of children upbringing is Alex McLeish. 

Until finally at minute 82, Luis Suarez save Liverpool. Starting from crossing Steven Gerrard, who met the head of Daniel Agger, the fans held their breath back mengantam frustrated when the ball hit the crossbar. But this time Suarez was in the right place and the ball was rolling in.. 1-1.

There is still enough time for Gerrard, Kuyt, Suarez, Bellamy, and Agger to bombard the Villa defense. But, still, no one can go back through the goalkeeper Given. 

And when the game was over, the fans at Anfield looks a little relieved to see his team's performance. Although still not been able to win, at least it was not a defeat. And by waiting at Wembley next week, the Reds could use a bit of luck is lost overnight. 

Full Time. Liverpool 1. Aston Villa 1. 


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